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An Overview of my Project Experience

I am happy to provide more details upon request

  • Coaching:

    “Reintegration into the Workplace”

    As a coach within the framework of a project to reintegrate the participants into the workplace

    Activities: indentification of hindering lifestyle circumstances of the participants and collective search for solutions, stocktake of their strengths and inclinations, taking a look at application strategy and coaching them in written, telephone and personal contacts with companies, conducting concrete activities

  • Analysis of Potential:

    “Development of Project Managers and Large-Scale Project Managers”

    Conception and implementation of Presence Assessment Centers combined with the online analysis of potential ASSESS as a development tool with the possibility of follow-up personal coaching.

  • Management Development:

    “Managers are the Promoters of Change”

    I assisted the second and third management levels of an IT company for two years within the framework of a merger process with goal of making the managers into the promotors of change.

    Activities: workshops to implement the leadership guidelines and role into a comprehensive interlinking qualification as “Leaders in Change”, through the provision of “Leadership Tools”, facilitation of discussion events with top-management etc.

  • Training:

    “Training on the Job”

    To accompany the managers, account managers and service teams of credit institutes in the workplace in real client situations. Additionally, accompanying training and coaching, analysis of knowledge, further development of strategy and publishing the experiences.

  • Personnel Development:

    “Modern Management”

    Advice and support for a German government organization in the creation and introduction of an extensive concept for personnel development – From A to Z.

    Activities: execution of current analysis, moderation of the project team, project management, execution of trainings, communication of in house target setting, advising the internal project leadership, etc.

  • Team Development:

    “Implementation of Strategy”

    Development of a team development cascade for the implementation of strategy for all organizational sections of a business area of an internationally active credit institute in the balance between themes relevant to the individual teams and general strategic themes of the whole business area.

    Activities: development of a theme and agreement with those internally responsible for the project, coordination of all external trainers, analysis of the training results, feed-back to the client, solution of challenges, etc.

  • Optimization of Sales:

    “Programme Supported Consultancy of Wealthy Private Clients”

    Execution of behaviour training for the introduction of consultancy software for a holistic servicing of sophisticated clients (work ethic, behavioural basis, discussion topics, use analysis etc.), Accompanying the account managers in actual discussions, providing feedback to the managers and follow-up recommendations to the client.

  • Change Management:

    “Post Merger Integration”

    Support in all dimensions throughout the restructuring of production of an IT company following a merger.

    Activities: communication concept and plan, execution of communication activities, Workshops on leadership and corporate culture with Graves Model/Spiral Dynamics, moderation of the cooperation of project and line management, mobilisation through change agents, advising the program leaders etc.

  • Facilitation:

    “Leadership Feedback”

    Moderation of employees feedback to the managers throughout the entire hierarchy of an internationally active industrial company in workshops.

    Activities: preparation of the workshops with the respective leader, execution of the workshops, Feedback on the events to the leader and cooperation for the corporate evaluation.

  • Conflict Resolution:

    “Cooperation between Cultures”

    Facilitation of a conflict between the internal and external components of an internationally manned team of an IT project in English, interviews with all the key players in preparation with recommendations to the decision makers, development of a follow-up concept.