picture of Udo Geske

Development of your Organization

Energize and mobilize relevant areas

The optimization of your team or your organization, as well as the adaptation of the expectations of your clients will be supported by me through the use of Team Development, Optimization of Sales and Change Management.

The exact implementation of my areas of expertise for the development of your organization is very important.

For example, optimization of sales can be more effective than training the sales personnel in seminars. Depending on the existing situation, goals can be effectively supported through
  • Analysis of potential in staffing
  • Coaching of responsible individuals
  • Training on the job in actual client situations
  • Development of the leaders
  • Team development in both front and back office
  • Support of a new sales technique through the development
    of corporate culture
  • Consultation in the development of a new business concept
  • Consultation and support in adaptation of organisation, processes
    and performance incentives.